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OCEAMM:a disruptive innovation ? more, an outstanding PROGRESS

OCEAMM is the first technology accessible and adaptable without work to existing ships, capable of abating in number and in mass the pollution produced by the particles.

With OCEAMM, increase your notoriety, improve your image, reinforce your contribution to the general interest, by improving your environmental performance

Environmental and health advantages

    Anticipating the regulations and not being subject to them, means that you will be in a position to assert yourself to:
  • your customers
  • the public
  • local residents
  • the Port and Urban Authorities

Technical and operational advantages

  • For operating and maintenance mechanics, OCEAMM is easy to use and practical, without modifying the existing system.
  • OCEAMM acts on fouling, engine scale and greasy deposits on the turbo-charger turbine.

Economical performance

  • Less soot, less unburnt fuel => better combustion and increased efficiency.
  • less maintenance, longer engine life.
  • Prevention of corrosion along the entire gas path.
  • A nice cost/benefit ratio.
Proven technology, suitable for all existing vessels


  • applicable on any type of turbo-charged engine,
  • 4 semi-rapid strokes of several MW of power,
  • 2 slow strokes of several dz of MW of power,
  • whatever the type of fuel, liquid or gaseous,
  • without engine modification or additional space requirements
  • with or without the presence of a scrubber
OCEAMM solutions to your problems
Soot particles OCEAMM not relevant not relevant
Ultra-Fines Particles (UFP) OCEAMM OCEAMM OCEAMM
GHG (CH4) not relevant not relevant under review