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process designed and produced in France by EcoSoftec

The OCEAMM offer:

  • Technology approved by the Mer-Méditerrannée and Mer-Bretagne-Atlantique Competitiveness Clusters
  • Industrial validation supported by ADEME (see
  • Performance certified by the independent
  • laboratory CERTAM thanks to an ad hoc methodology and an adapted, complete and sophisticated on-board metrology
The Company EcoSoftec

Inspiration, principles
Protecting the environment, safeguarding the Living, to be on the side of those who have acted for the common good:
• Do a lot with a little
• Always trying, always improvingr
• Value for money

Experience, achievements
• A decade of experience in harsh industrial environments
FireCube solutions on boilers (
• Catalysis at the heart of our expertise

Vision, promise and hope
• OCEAMM to fight engine particulates, now
• OCEAMM to limit global warming
• OCEAMM to oxydise methane from LNG engines?